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I liked how this novel dealt with more serious issues and concentrated on the main character's growth, with the romance taking a back seat in the second part of the tale. Despite the author writing from a personal perspective, the simplicity of the language didn't allow me to fully appreciate the main details. The relationship, as well as the whole climax, felt hurried. Finally, if we were going to watch the protagonist go through a lot on her own, I wish the love interest Quan had more growth for his own journey. His plot had been set up so well in the previous volumes that this one fell short of expectations. This novel is so much more than a delightful romantic comedy. When Anna's father becomes unwell, The Heart Principle explores difficult issues such as familial expectations and caring for a sick parent. Anna consults a therapist and obtains a diagnostic that allows her to better understand her relationships.I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone who loves a good romance novel.