Amazing Book!

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I have been giving this book and what a present it was! I enjoyed every single word of it. It is an honest account and so well written. I could feel the characters' emotion. You cannot help but feel close to them all. Sometimes you want to enter in the situation and advise...Anna...on how to tackle the problems. The story has really shown how sometimes you just need to let things run its course. I I have learnt so much about the job of a carer, the struggles, the day to day. As the author rightly points out, not many people know all the hard work it entails. I have much more clarity on the issue. It is a lovely book, really beautiful. The best thing is that Anna somehow found a person to share her problems with. It is a lucky outcome. It shows that in life you must carry on regardless of the difficulties. It will be all right in the end. Thank you for this book. I will definitely always remember it and recommend to people that I know can benefit from the plot.