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I loved the style of writing from the perspective of both the main character Anna and her love interest Quan, it really made you feel connected to her. I felt connected to Anna anyway because I too mask my emotions and for the sake of others, do things I do not want to do. This book really highlighted for me that it's better to stand up for what you believe in and that putting yourself first is not a crime. I found anguish where she found anguish, I found resentment where she did too, and I found hope in the form of Quan as she recognised as well.

I think the plot was well laid out and though some of it was perhaps predictable I didn't mind that because I liked where the story was going. The description of characters was good and they really came alive to me. I also liked the description of Annas culture and appreciated it's inclusion in the story as it allowed me to learn things I did not know.

My only issue was in some of the more adult parts of the book, anatomy isn't described as it is in real life and is instead given more immature names. I can't decide whether this was done intentionally as a result of the way Anna reacts to the world and would call such things, (in which case it makes sense for continuity of it being from her perspective) or whether this was not the authors intention.