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When I was little, I used to LOVE to read any books in my free time and it became almost like second nature to me before school/college started again. Then I didn't have much time to read and slowly my passion for books weathered. Until i found this book-

And oh my god, this book is AMAZING, its written so well and I love the gorgeous front cover of this book, quite simplistic but intriguing and makes the reader want to find out what the book is about.

This book was so easy to get into; the prologue held intrigue. It is fascinating and the writing paints a vivid picture in your imagination. I love these kind books and this one promises to be thrilling.

The characters are very varied and interesting, the descriptions of them making them easy to picture. The story plot keeps on changing, and when you think that the story is simmering down, it'll take you through a roller coaster ride that will make you need to just read page after page!

and so much more that there’s no room for boredom when you read this book!!!!.

Highly recommend to any person that would be into this. There's something in here for everyone.