Bored by the sex scenes

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I seem to be going against the grain by saying I found a lot of this book tedious.

There was some great character development, of two people who were suffering with their own mental issues and how they interacted with each other as well as their family. This was very well done.

The anguish and emotion, felt by both Quan and Anna was well described and the best part of the book.

However, the excruciatingly, detailed sex scenes (or non-sex fumbling scenes) went on for pages, and once I was halfway through the book I found I was skipping them. I hate skipping parts of books, but I felt that as the point of these scenes was to show the emotions and worries that both characters had and how they overcame them could have been done in fewer pages.

Maybe I wasn't the target audience. There was a lot of good in this book, and it would have been 4 stars if I hadn't been bored enough to skip bits.