Couldn't put it down!

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This was such an amazing read form beginning to end, I could not bring myself to put it down and will definitely be rereading it in the future! It truly was a fabulous read.

The characters were all well developed without dragging the story out or giving too much away to soon, which means you get a chance to attach to some of them and build them into fully developed people. The protagonist is a great example of what we need to see more of in books, REAL! Their ending with their boyfriend is what will keep you reading, and help you to bond with the characters and the story.

The plot itself is relatable, with the pressure of expectations as well as the weight of the real world. It's a story you may be able to see yourself in which for me is something that makes a love a book even more.

In conclusion there was not one weak point in this book for me and I look forward to recommending it to friends and family.