Easy 5 stars!

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What can I say? This book was not a disappointing end to the trilogy in the Kiss Quotient series! I have absolutely adored these books and getting to know the family of characters introduced to us, from Stella & Michael, to Khai & Esme to Quan & Anna I just adore them all. I love the diversity, the combination of cultures, viewpoints, and the fact several characters are on the autism spectrum - I loved the individual quirks and differences between characters and the awareness Hoang bought throughout each book. I devoured all 3 in this series, each over a day or two at most and I genuinely fell in love. I need more 😂
The only reason this book wasn’t quite a five star read for me, was only because I wasn’t as struck by the characters as I was by Michael & Stella (mainly Stella) and Khai & Esme.
Every book was written beautifully, had the right amount of humour as well as a bit of smut and just genuinely warmed my heart, can’t recommend all three books enough!