Enjoyable, but the Weakest of the Trilogy

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So, in some ways, I owe this book for some of the fun other books I got to read last year.

I initially saw the first look for this and gave it a read, finding I really liked the fun premise, the characters and the general style of writing. It's a really easy style which just carries you along and the books are blissfully easy to just eat up the pages, which was what I needed after being stuck in a bit of a reading rut.

However, I then realised this was something of a series so before I continued, I went and read the first two books (The Kiss Quotient and The Bride Test) which were actually pretty darn fun reads. The Kiss Quotient is the best of the three in my opinion and it's the first one, so I'd recommend picking that up first.

For this particular book though, I felt a little let down, especially towards the end. I felt we lost Quan a lot the further into the book we went, which was a shame as I preferred his over Anna's viewpoint and his struggles felt just as valid.

It's still an easy read and still a nice addition to the set but it's definitely the weakest of the trilogy.