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Style of writing
- Easy to read and flows great
- Would recommend to high schoolers and above

- Tension driven
- Strong character development
- Heavy and emotional story

- Insightful exploration of life on the spectrum

Please read the trigger warnings beforehand.

This is a emotional romantic fiction. What’s really likeable about it straight away is the central character Annie who is wonderful but dealing with being autistic, burnout as well as family and relationship issues. You feel instantly on her side, particularly in her initial dealings with Quan. However he develops into a vulnerable and patient character. The highlight of the book is following how their relationship develops. He's a great character too, hard to figure out what he's about to start with but you gradually get to know him and see that there are some surprising sides to him.

The writing style is easy to read and flows nicely. The bringing in of characters from the other books was also lovely. It’s interesting to read particularly for the interplay of the different characters. Plenty of romantic ups and downs along the way and plenty of surprises. I loved it - it was a great finish to a wonderful series.