i couldn't put this book down

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I gave The Kiss Quotient and The Bride Test five stars, so now I need a sixth star to emphasise how Hoang's latest book was my absolute favourite. The Heart Principle was everything I wanted, and so much more. Hot, sweet, sad, deeply personal. This is a big claim, but it genuinely might be my favourite romance novel ever.
Seriously, someone go find some goddamn paper towels because there are chunks of brain matter all over the floor. My relationship with this trilogy has been a little rocky in the past but The Heart Principle said “fuck ur expectations” and then proceeded to ruin my life.
Anna is one of the author’s stronger characters and this was as much a novel about a woman coming into herself and learning to manage a later in life autism diagnosis as it is a sexy romance novel. It was also great to see Quan and Michael again. A very affecting novel I found satisfying in every way.