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I love everything from the cover to the very last sentence. Really made love reading again. I am thinking about ordering some of the copies for my family and friends. Honestly books are a great gift and if you’re picking up a book for your sister mother or best friend you should consider this one. The cover although simple is hosestly beautiful. Pink is my favorite color so I might be a bit biased haha. But who doesn’t love pink that color honestly seems to promote happiness for me. Everything in my closet is pink and even my room decor. The girl in the picture really connects to me because I’m a girl. And jostle the font is so so so pretty like I can see that the person who made this is creating and talented. I know that I shouldn’t be judging a book by its cover haha but I can’t help but love the cover and if I saw this at a bookstore I would surely pick it up for the cover,