It’s was okay

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I first read the kiss quotation and I LOVE IT SO MUCh.
Then I went ahead and read this book next but it just wasn’t the same. I’m a big fan of romance and this book only had a little bit of it. It was mainly family drama which I wasn’t aware of and so it hindered my enjoyment.

The main girl annoyed me. She keeps on leading the main guy on and then saying “I’m not ready” it’s ok if your not ready but don’t lead him on.

It put me in a really long reading slump tbh.

At least we got to see Michael and Stella in this book which I really enjoyed.
It made me miss them so much that I reread the kiss quotation again.

A lot of people enjoyed this book and I’m glad for them but it just wasn’t for me. I went in with high expectations and ended up disappointed

I’m going to read more of this author tho. She has some other books I’m really interested in. And hopefully I enjoy them.