Like seeing myself in writing

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I don't think words can quite adequately express my emotions whilst reading this book. Whilst I don't claim to be autistic, it is a spectrum, so I guess we are all somewhere on the spectrum, right? What I do know is that I saw a lot of myself in Anna because I have been suffering from burnout encroaching on depression for almost a year now.

Anna was such a relatable woman and I just wanted to hold her. At least she had Quan for that, though. I was so impressed with how he knew exactly what she needed but still required her to acknowledge the impact her actions had. He didn't treat her as lazy or helpless. She still was required to be an adult, but an adult who was struggling.

Their love story was so adorable. I really enjoyed their fight for love. I have read a lot of chick-lit, contemporary romance, whatever genre you want to call this, but lord almighty this one made me feel so damn much. Absolutely loved it!