Liked it but not what I was expecting

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I loved this book but holy shit, was this book sad. I was not expecting this book to be so incredibly sad and heavy and depressing, especially because the first two books in the series are pretty light-hearted and steamy and fun. So i’m just warning y’all before you read it: this book is a lot, and it will probably make you cry a lot [ I’m highly recommend yall check the trigger list as it can be sensitive for some people ]

Overall I loved the romance between Anna and Quan, it was beautiful and it felt so real. However, I don’t think the romance is the main aspect of the story, this is very much a coming of age story for Anna, it’s about her finding her voice, learning things about herself, and dealing with real tragedy. Best believe I was balling my eyes out near the end of the book and don’t even get me started on the authors note, I was having Kim k type crying.