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The main character here is Anna, she is in love with Quan whom she met whilst having a one night stand. Oh yes, this story is complicated ! Anna has a boyfriend but he doesn't want to be totally exclusive ............I never realy understanded this term!!! - anyway, he wants an open relationship. Eventually he wears Anna down and she agrees to a 'one night only' thing. And this is when she meet Quan and things get messy.
Anna is a violinist but her fame come to the forefront when she posts her violin playing on youtube and becomes an overnight sensation, but she is desperate that every moment she plays should be perfect.
Dan is a motor cycler and tattooed and is totally the opposite to Anna, you would not think he was hr type, or she his. They attempt a first date and a second and a third but things don't go to plan. Just as you think things may actually go to plan Anna has a family tragedy that could push her and Quan apart. But if they manage to sort things out I will not spoil it for you!