The Heart Principle - Helen Hoang

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This was a sugary, sweet, and innocent kind of book. Well, innocent, sugary, and sweet with still touching on heavier and deeper subjects, such as tying to live up to the expectation of the people around one and the expectation one has for themselves, and dealing with mental health issues.

I enjoyed how the focus was set on the character development of the main character and the romance/ love aspect was pushed more into the background.

There was so much depth to Anna (the female main character) that when it came to Quan (the male main character) it just felt like there was not that much to him. Don't get me wrong, Quan is an amazing character but I just felt like he was left a little behind and there was not that much character development compared to Anna.

Althougth the writing style is kept quite simple and easy to understand, it stilll draws you in and keeps you hooked.

This was an emotional roller coaster for me. I was grining, smilling, and giggling throughout the book but also frowning and felling quite sad for Anna at some points.

I felt quite conncted to Anna because I saw some of my character traits in her. The way she behaves and reacts to people around her, or how she tries to go out of her way just to please the people around her, felt quite personal to me.