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The Heretics Mark, similar to the others in the series by S.W. Perry was an easy to read mystery story. They are very much like slightly easier-to-read, shorter versions of C.J. Sansom novels. In that I could see that they would appeal to more people because they are of an easier length.

I like that the last few have involved exploring different countries in the 1500s, not just the U.K. Reading about parts of continental Europe definitely made for an interesting plot. I liked how the story panned out, although I’m sad about some of the later chapters and things that happened to some of the great characters in it.

Having read the previous books in the series, I am quite attached to Nicholas, Bianca, Rose, Ned and Bruno. So it was enjoyable to revisit their lives and see what will happen to them next. While I would like them to go on to live quiet, peaceful lives, then I guess there would be no books to write about them then!