Shelby on foreign ground

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This is the third book I have read in this series .Nicholas Shelby and Bianca Merton are on a pilgrimage to Bianca's home town Padua, as circumstances in 1594 London with a mistaken treason to his country meant Nicholas had to flee his homeland until his name was cleared . As in his other books Perry's writing is outstanding .He has researched the historic period intensely and he captures the sights sounds and atmosphere brilliantly. The characters are so likeable and real that the reader feels like they are on the pilgrimage with them or staying in London clearing his name with Rose and Ned their friends .I cannot recommend these series of books enough I am not a great lover of historical novels but I had a change of heart when I read this authors previous offerings and this book does not disappoint .I can now wholeheartedly state that I am in the S W Perry fan club