Slow going for the non-historical reader

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The Heretics mark is the fourth installment in the series but this is the first one I have read. A historical fiction is not usually the genre I tend to go for but the first impression had me intrigued and interested and so opted to give this a go.
I personally found the book quite difficult to get into and found it a slow read, putting it down numerous times and really having to actively pick it up again. Not to say it was boring for there are various elements of the story that are interesting but the pace was slow. That along with the 'old English' style of writing / speaking I struggled to really get into the flow of the story although felt it helped pull me into the life and times of the characters. My history is rubbish so I couldn't say how factual it is to the era but found it fairly enjoyable nonetheless. Overall it was okay and someone who enjoys this genre may really enjoy.