Magnificent and cleverly interwoven

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Magnificent and cleverly interwoven between two almost completely separate storylines, which keeps you rapidly reading begging to find the connection. The prologue introduces us to the typical torment in a schoolyard and an incident between a boy and two girls, who appear to have bullied him. The serene playground soon erupts into a horror science, when the boy, on being verbally assaulted by both girls, douses them in petrol and sets them alight.

Suddenly you are propelled to Ellen, the scene of domesticated lifestyle, the usual parental anxieties and stress of morning rituals getting the children ready for school lulls you into a false sense of security. The letter hidden amongst the junk mail, is a formal invitation to a solicter regarding the inheritance of an estate in cotswold. The bizarre aspect is that Ellen does not know the deceased. The quirky newspaper clipping brings the reader back to the playground trial and boy, John Adam’s is being named as the assaulter and it is confirmed one girl died and the other has extensive burns. The mystery of the connection is all encompassing