An unnerving ghost novel

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The Hiding Place by Amanda Mason is a great ghost story set in modern times.
Nell and her stepdaughter Maude are on holiday to Nell's home town staying in a newly refurbished house. Right from the start the house doesn't feel right and has a strange lingering smell.
Nell's husband has to leave to go back to work throwing Nell and Maude together though their relationship has been strained lately.
Maude seems to be enchanted by the house, staying in a strange attic room and obsessed with an old shoe found in the wall.
The novel is centered around Nell's relationship with Maude, an older women who lives locally and also Carolyn a women from her school days.
The interactions of these characters are really well done and I found myself trying to guess how they are all interlinked and what is actually happening.
I really enjoyed the spooky atmosphere of this novel and raced through it. Would recommend to anyone looking for a book to unsettle and get you thinking.