This book is exciting!

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I must start by saying that I am so excited about this book! The genre is my favourite, mystery novels with some scary aspects in them. This book is one that will keep you guessing, keep you on the edge of your seat, and most importantly, keep you reading on!

From the very beginning, the book is full suspense. The house is described for me, I’m two ways, with some pieces of description making me see this creepy, dingy house, and others making it seem posh and extravagant. I guess that’s part of the point to this book, that there are secrets in this place and it is not supposed to be straight forward.

I like the character choices and how much judgments on them change throughout the read. The writing is great, it was easy to follow and wasn’t too wordy or complex (which is a good thing here as it allows you to focus on the plot lines).

Overall I would recommend giving this a read and I will definitely be getting this book whenever I can so that I can read on!