Interesting Coming of Age Historic Read

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I think that we can all say that the cover to this book is stunning and for a lot of people including myself this is enough to buy any book but the Illumination of Ursula Flight is also stunning on the inside.

Although I am attracted to any book because of its beautiful cover, I will always stay for what is on the inside and this book made me do this. The thing is that as a history student I do love history but I don't tend to read a lot of historical fiction but this unique premise sounds like something I need in my life.

I love the idea of a coming-age story as part of a historical fiction novel and would, therefore, love to dive into this one. I especially love the idea of women in historical fiction going against what is meant for them and I know that this is really what I want from any historical fiction book.

The whole conception of the book is also wonderful. The written by a lady thing is great and I love the illustrations which literally look like they have come out of the 17th Century.

Even within the first couple of pages, I know that this book is right up my street. Crowhurst's writing style is so good! The tone of voice is spot on and gives such a distinct voice to Ursula. She's witty and funny, everything that I need in the main character. I just need to find out where her story goes.

So even though completely out of my comfort zone, The Illumination of Ursula Flight is a book that I need in my life and will sure to be one of the best books I read this year.