After the Thaw

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Liv Bjornlund lives with her father Vidar and her only son Simon in a ramshackle house on the edge of a small village in the middle of woodland.

None of the villagers like Vidar and believe he's responsible for swindling most of them out of their land and money and is sitting on a vast wealth of his own.

There are those who think that he should be relieved of his wealth by fair means or foul and some are out to do just that.

Why Liv still lives in her childhood home and doesn't move away with her son is another talking point for the villagers.

None of the major characters in this book have many likeable traits. Liv spends her life seeking out strangers to sleep with to achieve some comfort, Vidar is old and rules his household with an iron rod and teenager Simon seems a solitary and unhappy young man.

Despite this, because of the way the books is written, all the characters stay with you long after the last page has been turned and the reader feels they almost know and understand them.

I really enjoyed reading this and still think of the characters often.