i liked it a lot

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This is a very well written novel with some beautiful descriptions especially of the Swedish landscape which allows you to easily visualise the unfolding drama. The characterisation is excellent especially Vidar, Liv and Liam. Vidar is watchful, harsh, extremely mean despite being rich and treats his daughter harshly to say the least. Liv is trapped, she’s miserable, full of loathing and hate, she longs to escape but she is inert and she can neither stay nor leave. Liam is trying to improve his life and break away from his controlling brother with limited success. The book is full of unease and tension between characters that is so intense you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. This is magnified by the bad blood and gossip about the Björlands in the surrounding area that creates a volcanic mix. There’s menace, violence, threat and fear with suppressed rage and hatred and a desire for revenge from several quarters. The story is darkly intense and builds from a slow simmer to boiling point with the resultant heated overspill being horribly fascinating as you try the figure out the truth from rumour and suspicion. Liv’s terrible despair is transmitted loud and clear. The end is a shock and one I didn’t see coming but it fits with the narrative.