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The Last Snow is a chilling, atmospheric novel. Vidar, Liv, and Simon live together in a run-down house in a small village. Vidar wields an iron hand, refusing to spend a penny unless it is absolutely necessary. He is constantly on the lookout, and nothing escapes his attention in the house or in the neighbourhood. He is a man with solid convictions. He has clear beliefs, and it's his way or the highway for him! Despite the fact that Liv, his daughter, vowed she would leave Desmark and never return, she still lives there with her son and father. Simon is growing up and maturing into a young man. He has never met his father and has witnessed his mother's and grandfather's sometimes tense relationship. Vidar is a strange character; he's rumoured to be insane. I think this book was particularly enjoyable becasue of the way in which the book was written. As I was reading along, I so desperately wanted to be a character alongside then and follow them in their journey. This book played with my emotions and the hope the author provided witihn the book provided strenght and really tugged at my heartstrings. Would defintely recommed for those who like complex books that deal with senstitive topics. Apologies for any spelling mistakes; I have dyslexia :/