It was okay

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Good news is, I didn't guess whodunnit.

This was clever but also not mindblowing. We seemed to just putter along and it all kind of picked up at the end.

It's an uncomfortable story. Liv has a very damaged relationship with sex and her father, both issues are related but we don't really know how much. Vidar is an awful man and we can only really speculate from what the author gives us in regards to just how awful he is. Stina Jackson uses really evocative language to describe the setting and the smells, it can almost make you feel like you're there.

I only really felt anything for one character, though, and I won't say who because that will give away a plot point. I didn't really find myself caring what was happening in the story except for times mentioning this person. It all just felt like a lot of screwed up people and a battle for who was the least screwed up.

Nevertheless, I genuinely didn't guess whodunnit, so hats off to Stina Jackson for that.