Not Much Happened

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The opening of the novel seemed to have a lot of promise and suggested some mystery and intrigue to follow. I kept reading ... and I kept reading but a big reveal or controversial action never seemed to come.

Looking back nothing really happened. 'The Legacy' is a good representation of a family struggling to stay together and cope with a tragic event. There are lots of interactions between the family members and points of view from the different characters but if I'm honest they all came across as entitled, needlessly antagonistic and whiny and I really struggled to like any of them.

There is some interesting character development and each member of the family learns something from the experience but we don't really see how this changes their wider life.

All in all if you enjoy character development and conversation then you might enjoy 'The Legacy' but if you like something to happen in the books you read, a bit of action, then this is not for you.