Adored it!

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I just loved this book, completely and utterly adored it! I’d you want an easy going romance with a bit of a mystery thrown in then this book is exactly what you need! I loved the fact it had such good banter all the way through, felt like a proper chick lit novel but then had the tenseness and grip of a good old thriller mixed in! I wouldn’t normally pick up these sorts of books but honestly, I took it on holiday with me and devoured it in a matter of hours. It was just such a gripping story that I loved from start to finish and never wanted it to end.
There were so many clues to what was going on throughout the book but I did not connect any of them until Rosie Walsh laid them all out on a platter for me towards the end. The way it was written flowed effortlessly, it left you wanting more all the way through and I felt as though I’d fallen into the lives of Sarah, Eddie and their friends and wanted to remain in their lives a long while after!