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Didn't want it to end!

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When I got this book for free from signing up to this website I wasn't expecting it to be any good! I was hooked after the first chapter. rhis book made books I thought amazing feel rubbish! Initially I did not see how the title was going to link in with the story...

Charlie Preist is a detective that suffers from dissasotian order. The story revolves around a 'flash drive' and the drama starts when a stranger attacks Charlie in his own home! The story starts to unfold when he is approached by some clients that want him to look into the murder of his attacker. Surprise after surprise!

The Mayfly consisted of short chapters which I found easy to read and made me go 'just one more chapter'! It flicked between different time periods i.e. end of World War 2. Which for me told me I had to read this book...murder and world war 2 a couple of my favourite things to read about! I found the whole story very clever and the imagery James Hazel created was unbelievable.

I found myself hating all the right characters within the book. I loved the main character and actually finished the book with an "Aw".

Absolute must read and I need to find more books like it!!!!!!!