Graceful, atmospheric intrigue

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I really enjoyed this book. My normal genre of choice usually involves high-paced thrillers, with multiple bodies and clearly demarcated bad guys and this is nothing like that. There are secrets and intrigue, with suggestions of the supernatural, which kept me reading, at a pace where I got to "smell the roses". Lexie Elliott sets the scene beautifully, so that the house at the centre of everything, The Manse, becomes a character in its own right.
The reader learns about the different characters just as the main character Ailsa does, as she reviews her relationships, old and new, and I needed to keep reading to see if she made the 'right choices'. I really liked the snippets of 'What if' scenarios that punctuated the chapters, all adding to the mystery.
There is a slow buildup of tension and danger, and the ending did surprise me, but I completed the book satisfied. I had the time to invest in Ailsa and her relationships and even, despite it's creepy introduction, developed a soft spot for the house itself!