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Wow this was just mindblowing, such an exciting yet terrubly sad story.
In 1945 nine women were forced onto a death march.
Knowing what happened at the end of one of those marches they bravely decided to risk running for their lives and trying to escape together.
This is their story.
Travelling across a war torn country, danger dogging their every step hoping to find aid this is a no holds barred horrific depiction of that journey.
You have to have a strong stomach for this book as it does get pretty graphic as to what these ladies experienced.
They were desperately trying to survive under wartime conditions.
Told by a relative of one of the nine ladies involved in this daring escape its exhaustively researched and meticulously detailed.
This is a story of courage I was unaware of and needs to be told so more people are aware of this heroic undertaking.
Brilliant read.