Surviving in a desperate world

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Imagine having been in a concentration camp for years, the cold, the misery, the ill-treatment, the harsh conditions, and then as the war is coming to an end you're forced on a Death March. If you stop you're killed. If you collapse you're shot.

The Nine is the story of nine female members of various French and Dutch Resistance groups who not only managed to escape from one of the Notorious Death Marches but also with great courage survived the war.

The book is immensely readable, though it loses a little by going back and forth between the Death March and then giving background on one of the Nine before returning to the Death March and the escape. Would it have been better to introduce us to them all at the start of the book, and then taken us with them on their dangerous journey? I'm not too sure about the dialogue. It's obviously not authentic and at times it read too much like fiction rather than non-fiction. However it was well researched into what happened to the Nine after they reached freedom and the years beyond. I would recommend this.