Thrilling and brilliant!

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A security guard called Jim picks up a newly published book that’s on sale at the store where he works. It’s called The Nothing Man and it’s written by Eve Black. When Eve was twelve her family was murdered by The Nothing Man and she was the sole survivor of that bloody night. The killer is called that because the police had nothing on him and he was never caught.

Jim is The Nothing Man.

This story is genius. You go from reading Eve’s book, the story of what happened to her then to Jim’s reaction because he’s reading the book as well. He needs know what Eve knows, to find out why she’s now written this and what it means for him. The author was inspired by I’ll Be Gone in the Dark and this is such a brilliant idea. I love true crime and I love thrillers so this combination feels like it was written just for me. I can’t recommend this book enough.