Brilliant, fast-paced historical thriller with a brave heroine at its heart!

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I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this `A Revolution Spy' series, so was eager to continue the story of Attica Morgan - the book's spy heroine.

This story centres around a killer whose victims are female aristocrats - all of whom suffer terrible deaths. Attica enlists the help of her friend and ally, Jemmy Avery to uncover the perpetrator, whose attention she attracts and becomes one of his targets. Attica and Jemmy find themselves caught up in a mob who have descended on Versailes to storm the palace and tension mounts as they battle to reach the killer.

The historical information transports the reader to desperate times and, in amongst all the tension, a love story continues...! Fast paced, exciting and full of adventure, this second book did not disappoint - highly recommended for anybody who enjoys historical fiction with a crime to solve!