Ejoyable romp through adventure and danger

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This was enjoyable for me, as I like Historical Fiction, but, I do seem to have the terrible habit of choosing and reading a book that is part of a series and, as with this one, it is book two.

I liked the writing, as when I read I could picture the scenes in my minds eye, almost like my own personal cinema' especially the first couple of pages, when our protagonist boards a ship and quickly dispatches some of the crew with ease and goes to rescue an aristocratic woman locked in a cabin.

Not having read book one, I am not sure if i am missing out on nuances from the the first book, you know those little instances and references, that mean nothing to you, if you have not read the first one.
I would recommend that you start with the first book for sure!

This was a fun read, a good 'hunker down ' book, that you can sink into on a miserable day, so you can go out into the adventurous world of the heroine and all her dealings with a pirate, a killer and a revolution.