Female action hero

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Wow so gripping from the start a realistic female action hero Attica Morgan half African half English spy trained as an assassin in Sicily whose mission is to protect those who need protecting.

The rescue of Fleur de Lucile, who has been kidnapped by the slave traders, shows Attica’s skills from the outset as a skilled killer and resourceful individual not only able to navigate her way across numerous ships, without being seen, to the ship where Fleur is held captive taking care of the guards and coming up with the perfect plan of burning all the vessels in the harbour to facilitate their escape aboard the ship of Captain Jemmy Avery.

The descriptions of the other characters we are introduced to paint a clear picture, Jemmy the loveable reformed pirate, Atherton the spy-master and Robespierre the unscrupulous villain.

Gripping beginning delightful front cover most enjoyable read.