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Could this happen?

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I did like the way this book was written where each person's narrative was given it's own heading, that way if you wasn't sure which character was talking it was easy to get back to the storyline. This book was a good story but as you was reading it you couldn't help but wonder if this could really happen in real life, unfortunately I think it probably could. Many different emotions were covered and the young teenager Lauren who has a major disability really brings it home to you what it must be like to care for a disabled child and then a young adult and the way that it impacts on family life. I was shocked to learn what did happen to Sarah as a young mum and I thought that Anne was a feeble character and I don't think I would have been able to forgive what she had done. Sarah is a very strong character and she managed to hold the family together to the best of her ability. I must say that when I turned the last page I thought "what happened "? What was the final outcome? A good page turner and very thought provoking read.