A compelling read.

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I relished this book, one of my definite favourite things about this book is that it kept you conjecturing; for instance, Sam's ending. I have read a few books by Charity Norman, exhaustively loving them, of course, but this one has to be a favourite of mine. The sharp twists in the story kept the reader hooked. I found how expeditiously a mundane day turns out to be such a thrilling situation truly astounding.

I won't spoil anything but I cerebrate this book is one where you should go in fairly blind. It is a book where the author can genuinely make us sympathise with people we probably should not.

All you require to ken about this book is;

A few strangers enter their local coffee shop to pick up a morning dose of caffeine, with ostensibly nothing in prevalence, each having their own story, they become connected for life after finding themselves being unexpectedly held at gunpoint.