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This is a compelling read from the first page to the last, having never read a book by author Charity Norman I did not know what to expect, but the synopsis of the book provided a clear indication that this would be a gripping and tense read. Wow it didn’t disappoint.

Love how the chapters introduce each of the characters, firstly Neil, the rough sleeper, who enters the cafe after someone has dropped money into his cup leaving buddy his dog tied up outside. Abi the young successful lawyer for whom time is her most valuable commodity in her life who is rushing to collect her order from the Tuckbox cafe before darting for her train. Mutesi the sympathetic nurse and grandmother who is friendly with the recently bereaved handsome cafe owner Robert and meeting up with her daughter in law Brigitte and grandson Emmanuel. They are all thrown together in what should be a normal day in their lives to enjoy their coffee and continue on with their day, interrupted by an apparently crazy gunman entering the cafe and their lives.

The hostage situation, the captives, the victim, the gunman and the hostage negotiator all have their own stories, hidden secrets that will surface as the story unfolds and they fight for survival.

This is a page turner of a book amazing written with drama, expectations and compassion.