Hugely gripping and unputdownable

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Thank you so much to ReadersFirst for the copy in return for an honest review.

Hugely gripping and unputdownable. I read this in a single day, only pausing when I had no other choice, and picking it straight back up again the moment I could. It has been a long while since a book called me back to it so strongly.

I don't read thrillers at all frequently, but I do love how they sweep you along. This was a fast paced, high stakes read that was also highly moving, and I was surprised by how character driven this was.

As is usually the case with thrillers, I was sold by the blurb, and the plot here does not disappoint. I have never read any books from Charity Norman before, but I really enjoyed her writing style which is hugely readable and I will definitely be looking at reading more from this author, and I'll be keeping a keen eye on what they write next!

I can happily recommend this one; a perfect contemporary thriller, with a healthy does of suspense and mystery... this will have you turning the pages until the very last, and you won't be disappointed.

Shame on me for leaving this one so long before reading it. 4 highly entertaining stars!