i liked it a LOT

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when I saw how many good reviews this book has received, I immediately felt obliged to take a look at the summary of this book. however, this short content had met my expectations and I immediately went amazon to buy new books. a few days later it arrived and I started reading with high expectations. it is a very emotional and moving book, which I did not immediately expect. the cover of the book isn't too attractive, but the title makes up for that. the storyline is flawless and the writing is magnificent. for little money I received a beautiful book. still no regrets spending my money on this book (and many other books of course;)). a must for young and out. from page one you are drawn into the story and it is very difficult to get out of the flow of the book. it is a disadvantage that there is so little fan art and quotes for this book, but maybe that is a bit too much for me. an absolute must!