I really liked it.

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I REALLY liked this book. I first got intrigued by the cover. I really liked the image choice most books have an animated/illustrated picture which of course ALWAYS/mostly looks good but then there are books with like real life pictures (like this one) and most of the time it does not really look good or it has NOTHING to do with the book but this one was perfect because the cup/mug has to do with the cafe and it is broken because of obviously the main point of the story and the gunman and the hostages so that is that. And I love how it has the title and then the 'sub-title' which is what MAINLY intrigues other than the actual title. So that is why I decided to read this book I saw the cover and got interested in it and I read the cover and inside cover page and I really liked it and I started to read it I could not put it down until I finished it!! I also got really interested in why and how these strangers are all connected and how/what secret they all share so that also further interested me to read it so that is why I really liked this book and why I would for sure recommend it.