Intense and emotionally thorough

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This book slowly builds the connection between the different characters. To this end, it does a great job of giving you an understanding that everyone's motives and their situations are highly impacted from their own personal experiences and sensations, and that there is always another perspective to look at everything from. Everyone's context here is far from perfect, but yet we are all still responsible for how we adapt and act as a result.

Now, having said this, this is a kind of thriller novel, a very easy to read the book, so do not let my previous comment on the quality of the development of the characters confuse you into thinking this will be a slow deep read. It is fast, it is gripping and it is so entertaining that it will draw you in and spit you out only after a couple of days after you have read the story fully!

I can definitely recommend for any of these current long afternoons socially distancing from the real world!