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The Secrets of Strangers - Charity Norman

Imagine the scene. A busy cafe filled with people from all walks of life all there for the same purpose - to purchase and enjoy the beverages and food on offer. As staff and customers joke with Robert (the cafe’s owner) nobody could predict the next scenario...
A young lad, very agitated and aggressive enters and leaves shouting at Robert as he does so. Returning for the second time with a gun he refuses to let anyone leave, holding them all hostage. As tragedy occurs and time goes on the strangers form what will become an unbreakable bond. Personal stories are shared including Sam’s (gunman) and as a result empathy for him is
What will be the final

When I pick up a book and the first couple of pages have me hooked I know I’m in for a treat. I couldn’t and didn’t want to put this down but sometimes book lovers need to sleep ☺️. I won this book on @readers first and had waited to buddy read it with well it was worth the wait. The characters all stood out and had individual personal traumas which really showed their humanness. Would they have all come together in normal circumstances? Very unlikely I feel. Yet something good did come from a extremely frightening situation. I was crying by the last few pages but it was a very believable ending. I want a follow up book of all the strangers lives after the event!