Story telling at its best - a wonderful read

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it’s not a thriller as you might think from first glance, It’s story telling at its very best! I at first thought it maybe a crime story but I guess it is but a warm hearted crime story. It’s a gripping story about very different characters torn up in the same hostage situation. Each character has a different story to tell, thoughts, feelings and yet they come together as one to support each other as well as the hostage taker. The characters are so well written they are very much believable, It’s so easy to put yourself in their shoes due to the descriptive and detailed account from the writer. It’s fast paced but leaves nothing to the imagination as it’s so well written and emphasised. Not sure I was expecting the ending as it was although throughout the book I predicted it but turns in the chapters made me think otherwise so last minute ending was a surprise.
It’s a well written, gripping, emotional and insightful read. 🤩10/10 highly recommended- I loved it 🤓
Even made me cry.