I look forward to its release

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Having read the beginning of The Serpent's Mark, I am thoroughly intrigued by it and by the characters and setting it chooses for its story.
S.W.Perry has an incredibly descriptive style of writing and in using it, you truly can picture the entire world as the main character sees it. Initially, this worried me as, on occasion, this can make the story drag and get caught on unimportant things, but Perry does a wonderful job in assuring the reader is seeing what is important to both the plot and the character.
The main character of Nicholas feels very realistic. He's well balanced and you immediately know the main things that shape who he is- his upbringing, family, education, work, the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the passing of his wife and child. Perry makes sure that not only do you believe in Nicholas, the reader also will root for him.
The side characters are also well developed and feel realistic. Yeoman Shelby (Nicholas's father) features briefly but I am able to picture him perfectly.
A small extra for myself was that part of the introduction is based in Suffolk and, also being raised in East Anglia, this invoked a feeling that Nicholas is a character similar to myself making me want to see how the rest of the story develops even more.
All in all, I will definitely want to read the rest of the book and will look for it once released.