Am I missing something?

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To begin with I am not normally a fan of thrillers, or suspense novels, but ‘The spirals’ cover drew me in, along with the synopsis, and the overall theme of a victims search for answers in the wake of an attack. I usually get excited when I find a book where the author has used a different style of writing or presented the story in an unusual way, and in that regard ‘The Spiral’ delivered, yet it ultimately failed to grip me in the way I expected it to, and perhaps the way I feel it should have done. Initially I wondered if I had missed something, and it seems other reviewers felt similar. Although I was not gripped by ‘The Spiral’, I did enjoy discovering a new author and reading something original. I can’t help but feel that what makes ‘The spiral’ more intriguing, may also make some readers unsure, yet there will be others that really love it.