Confusing hybrid thriller

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Erma Bridges’ life is far from perfect, but entirely ordinary. So when she is shot twice in a targeted attack by a colleague her quiet existence is shattered in an instant. With her would be murderer dead, no one can give Erma the answers she needs to move on from her trauma. Why her and why now? So begins Erma’s quest for the truth and a dangerous spiralling journey into the heart of darkness.

The first thing I want to say about this book is that it is an extremely unique concept. The book is in two parts, one from the perspective of Erma which is a standard thriller, and then Sero which is fantasy. The hybrid format does work very well and is a clever and unique addition, including the use of an adventure book section. However... I feel like the actual meaning behind this went completely over my head and I just didn’t get it! 🙈 I loved the thriller part and the storyline, which was very twisty, and I did enjoy the addition of the fantasy part but I just didn’t feel that I connected very well to how it linked all together. This book seems to be a marmite book from the reviews, some people loved and some people hated, I think I would have loved it if I understood the fantasy link a bit better.