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To be completely honest this book wasn't the best for me. According to the blurb I assumed this would be a great story that would perfectly fit well with my liking for thriller or mystery books. However, although this book was sort of in this genre, the way in which the author wrote this story and mixed up the genres I cannot confidently say for sure I understood this book therefore it was slightly hard for me to understand and so I could not get into the story. I thought the book had potential when I read the blurb and liked how vague but mysterious it was. However it was this vagueness that led to me creating an assumption in my head about how this book would go. Unfortunately the storyline did not live up to my expectations and left me feeling a little disappointed. But regardless of my review, although it did not live up to my standards, doesn't mean it won't live up to others. It was a good story just not for me if I'm being honest.